Samsung Gear VR = Very Ridiculous – Cabral Richards
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Samsung Gear VR = Very Ridiculous

Samsung Gear VR = Very Ridiculous

On Saturday Night’s legendary Slam Dunk contest between Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon during the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend (here too), the folks from Samsung Canada brought an Oculus powered Gear VR headset to the Air Canada Centre.
Cabbie wears the Samsung Gear VR

It’s powered by a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. Four cameras were stationed around the basket capturing various angles giving the user (me) a 96% viewing area. When moving your head, a full 360 view of the court, as though I was sitting courtside under the net like an NBA photographer. We were in the Air Canada Centre Club (probably 500 feet from the court). Wearing the Gear VR headset brings the action so close to your senses, you can almost feel the players scream after their dunks. Samsung Gear VR headset
There was about a 90 second delay in the action on court to the action inside the goggles. For a sporting event, it is an unreal experience. Imagine paying $50 ticket to watch a game from the 300 level, slipping on a Gear VR headset and getting a courtside seat? Not sure any arena would allow that, but the future is here. Buy a headset here and here.

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