Prank: A Soccer Fan’s Dilemma – Cabral Richards
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Prank: A Soccer Fan’s Dilemma

Prank: A Soccer Fan’s Dilemma

Good pranks are harder and harder to stage these days and this one by Heineken is good.

It works so well because the victim, Simone, thought he would fly under the radar and get away with it.

For soccer fans the most important tournament in the world, not named the FIFA World Cup, is UEFA Champions League.
SET UP: A group of friends religiously watch important games together at one guy’s house. Simone, the one being pranked, is offered a single VIP ticket to the A.S. Roma-Real Madrid match on Feb. 17.
DILEMMA: Should he go to the game solo or remain loyal to his buddies and watch on the couch with the rest of them?

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