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Phil Jackson Has brass balls

Phil Jackson Has brass balls

“You know what it takes to sell real estate? it takes brass balls to sell real estate.” Alec Baldwin in iconic Glengarry Glen Ross. When you’re an 11-time champion head coach turn president of basketball operations, your resume allows for some pomposity. Phil Jackson has earned it. As a coach. Does that attitude carry over into the ranks of executive? We are seeing this all together. The New York Knicks, whom Phil Jackson is the Team President, have not made the playoffs under 2 years of his reign (not since 2012-2013 season).
phil jackson at knicks gameObviously, there is a sense of urgency — it’s New York. It’s the 8th most valuable sports franchise in the world according to Forbes (in the NBA, 2nd to the Los Angeles Lakers) and it won’t advance to the post season for a third straight year. Here’s where Phil’s brass balls are heard clacking down the hall before he rounds the corner, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Jackson could return to coaching next year…for the HOME GAMES!!

phil jackson speculationAre you serious?! What’s the sales pitch to NBA Free Agents like Kevin Durant, Lebron James or DeMar DeRozan? “I’ve coached Michael, Scottie, Kobe and Shaq…and I can coach you for half a season.” If it’s convenient for the Zen Master, maybe they could move Madison Square Garden to across the street from his condo in Manhattan. Wonder if he’d coach the games in Brooklyn if James Dolan gave him the green light? Read the full article here.

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